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    Voici la rubrique spéciale Noël ! Ici, il y a un décompte de Noël, un calendrier de l'avant, des jeux de Noël et plein d'autre choses pour fêter cette merveilleuse fête ! Enjoy ♥

    dididou-Le monde d'animal crossing

  • Voici le calendrier de l'avent du site.
    Je l'ai fait moi même, donc merci de ne pas le copier
    Ne trichez pas, n'ouvrez pas les cases en avance !
    Dididou-Le monde d'animal crossing ds

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         Patience is a virtue, you know.  What am I going to do with you?  You must be reallllly bored.  Don't you have some Christmas shopping to do?  Are you at it again?
     I see coal in your stocking this Christmas...  ...and I think you just made the naughty list.  What do you take me for?  No, don't answer that.  Merry Christmas!  Just kidding.  Just move along...nothing to see here.  Cool your jets, Astro!  The cold temperatures must be getting to you.
     Shouldn't you be homeschooling?  Clicking won't bring Christmas any faster!  Go string some popcorn or something!  You know, this site has other pages...  I think I hear your mother-in-law calling!  Remember WHO is the reason for the season.  No, it's not you!  ;o)  You're really having fun with this, aren't you?
     ...and a partridge in a pear tree!!!  Oh, you caught me!  Haven't you given up by now?  Thank goodness we're almost there!  I'd tell you to go make snow angels, but...  Nice try.  You are relentless.  Are you planning to visit next year, too?  

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  • Voici le décompte de Noël du site:

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